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My Team

Kelly Woodward

I love all things culinary, I am always looking for the next great meal, desert, or drink. I love culture, architecture, and history. And South Beach, Miami is rich in all of them.

Nobody shows this better than Ms. Kelly Woodward, on her MiaMi food tours. I highly recommend that you see South Beach through her eyes, as she guides you through her informative, daily 3 hour tour.

Visit her website and treat yourself to some of South Beaches best eateries as your guide shares the dramatic history of this vibrant island paradise.

She might just give you a little tidbit of information that will leave you hungry for her tour. I once heard her describe a tree on Lincoln Road that truly left me fascinated. I will forever be tempted to try to share with others the same insights she shared with me that day. Only certainly not as eloquently as her informative articulation of how the worlds prettiest tree came to be.

We are proud to have Kelly work with us in guest support service, and inventory administration. Should you need her knowledge or assistance, she can be reached at (708) 305-2312.



My good friend Cristina keeps all our apartments clean and fresh. She is the Brazilian version of Alice, from the Brady Bunch, but with a great eye for fashion and the most colorful collection of Ray Bans. She is one of the funkiest and best dressed women in Miami Beach.

I thank her for all her help and attention to detail. During your stay, should you require her services for additional cleaning, please give her a call at (786) 877-5318.

My mother is a big believer that cleanliness and organization are everything when it comes to how one feels in any given space. Neat and tidy have always been her way, and when she approved of Cristina, I knew I had found the right cleaning lady.


Lori Nozick

Acclaimed Artist and Professor at the New World School For The Arts, Lori Nozick is a welcome addition to our team working in guest services. She now calls South Beach home and works out of the Fountainhead Program in Miami.

Several of her art installations and sculptures are exhibited throughout the state of Florida and the north east. She is a respected member of the Miami art community and I encourage you to take a look at her wonderful portfolio of work on her website and perhaps in person if you get the chance.

Contact Lori at: (914) 473-1588 or email: